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Deyshawn & Ashley

Deyshawn and Ashley grew up on the far eastside of Indianapolis. They went to Warren Central High School, where they met junior year in 2010, through a mutual friend, at a school event following a Friday night football game. Deyshawn was a player for the Warriors and Ashley was a loyal fan of the team, as she attended every game faithfully. A couple months after being friends they began dating in 2011 and have grown together ever since. From moving to Cincinnati, to a short stint in Kentucky and back to Indianapolis, things seemed promising for them. Even after high school, football played a huge role for them with Deyshawn playing for the Cincinnati Bearcats and

shortly after that playing for their hometown team, the Indianapolis Colts. While Ashley still provided amazing support for Deyshawn, they had been dating for 7 years and shortly after he asked her to marry him in March 2018. A little over a year later, Deyshawn and Ashley got married on May 24, 2019 and their bonded journey began.

Bondo's Cookies

Bondo’s Cookies began as a thought on the northeast side of Indianapolis in the kitchen of a small 1-bedroom apartment where Mr. and Mrs. Bond were saving money to soon purchase their first home. With a family event coming up in January 2020, Deyshawn came up with an idea to try and bake some homemade cookies instead of simply getting them from the store. This was the first time he had ever tried to bake cookies but with a fair amount of cooking experience baking didn’t seem to be too difficult. So, he found a recipe and began to set the ingredients out. Step 1 was to brown the butter and let it cool before mixing it with the sugar. Eager to get started Deyshawn began to combine the butter and sugars, but to keep a long story short the butter was not cool enough. Even though the mistake was made there was still hope. All other ingredients were added as listed on the recipe and the cookie dough balls were formed. I must say they did not look like cookie dough, but hopefully could still become delicious cookies. In the oven they went as individual balls and as soon as the timer went off in 12 minutes the oven was opened. The 6 cookies mysteriously looked like 1 big cookie! That was the day Deyshawn decided to figure out how all these ingredients are supposed to bond together and make something as enjoyable as a cookie. After providing many cookie samples to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers Bondo's Cookies was launched with a mission to recreate those family memories, and to help bond people together again with these delicious homemade cookies!

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