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  • Are you currently delivering?
    Yes! Bondo's Cookies now delivers to the following zip codes 46239, 46107, 46237, 46259, 46219, and 46229. Delivery is porch drop off only on the Friday you selected from 8AM to 2PM. There is a $3.99 delivery fee that will be applied to your order when you get to checkout if you decide to choose delivery. There are also multiple Pickup options to choose from at checkout depending on your location.
  • On what days will customers be allowed to pickup?
    The current pickup schedule will be Fridays at various times and locations. Please read the header and also review your options at checkout. There are multiple Pickup options to choose from at checkout depending on your location.
  • When can orders be placed?
    Bondo's Cookies has now made it easier to place orders for the very next Friday and furture Fridays! When placing an order just select the Friday you will like your cookies to be ready. On that Friday your cookies will be ready for Pickup/Delivery!
  • Is there an order limit?
    As we are just starting this process with Bondo's Cookies there will be a maximum amount of orders we will be able to fulfill each week. If the very next Friday is not available then unfortunately we have reached our max for that Friday and you will have to select a future Friday to recieve your cookie order.
  • When do I pay for the cookies?
    Cookies should be paid in full when the order is placed on the website. This will confirm that your order will be fulfilled and is ready for Pickup/Delivery.
  • How long do the cookies stay fresh?
    If you are keeping cookies at room temperature, please make sure they stay sealed and they can last up to a week. You can also choose to freeze them, which could extend their shelf life to up to 6 months. We do our best to maintain the freshness of our cookies by placing each individual cookie in a clear bag, sealing it then placing it in a sealed box.
  • Will you enter into any Farmers Markets here in Indiana?
    Yes, we intend on applying for a booth at some of the local Farmers Markets. We will keep everyone updated on our Events page when we gather all of that information. We look forward to seeing you there!
  • Is there nutrional information for these cookies anywhere?
    If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will be able to click on "Nutrition Info". It will take you to a page with a link to a PDF that will display all macros and allergens. If you have any questions please contact us at or through our "Contact" page.
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